Yellow Pages Singapore offers professional search engine marketing (SEM) services to grow your business. We continuously improve ourselves to support both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and consumers with our digital enablement services.

What Our SEM Services Include

75% of internet users stated that paid search ads have made it easier to discover the information that they search for. To tap onto this, search engine marketing (SEM) is a paid strategy that quickly increases the visibility of products and services in the search engine result pages (SERPs). We customise each SEM campaign to attain measurable and desirable business results.

Search Ads

Search ads are a ‘pull’ method of online advertisements that naturally draw customer interest to your products. It works by displaying text ads to users when they search for a specific keyword. We will incorporate keyword-optimised search ads that maximise the use of your budget and effectively meet your target audience’s search intent.

Display Ads

Display advertising is a ‘push’ strategy that ‘pushes’ your products to specific groups of customers. It utilises visuals such as images or videos to advertise a product on Google’s network of websites. We will create visually appealing display ads that target your desired customers, capture their attention and help to drive brand awareness.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads encourage users to purchase your product by providing comprehensive information and a call-to-action. We will make use of targeted shopping campaigns to generate better-qualified leads and conversions, and also entice customers to visit your website.

Tailored Campaigns

A successful SEM campaign consists of the right keywords and a good account structure. To achieve your goals and objectives, we will conduct comprehensive research to find the most relevant keywords and organise an optimal account structure for your ad campaign.

Performance Reports

It is important to track your conversions to measure the effectiveness of your SEM campaigns and discover insights for future improvement. We will consistently track the ad campaigns we have put in place for you and provide detailed reports to ensure that we are performing up to your expectations.

Our Complementary Services

Functional Website Design

A well-designed website should provide a good user experience and be visually appealing to encourage visitors to stay on it. We build beautiful and informative websites with integrated SEM strategies in order to boost traffic from the SERPs and encourage conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation

Compared to SEM, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a cost-effective strategy of optimising a site to attain traffic through organic search results. We provide SEO services to complement your SEM strategy by acquiring high organic listings and a consistent flow of search traffic to further increase your SERP rankings and visibility.

Social Media Strategies

Having a strong social media presence is important for your business as it connects you with your customers, improves brand awareness and drives conversions. We can integrate social media advertising to reach your target audience on relevant social platforms to further increase brand recognition.

Why You Choose Yellow Pages

Why You Should Choose Yellow Pages

There is nothing more important to us than the satisfaction of our clients. We commit ourselves to providing high-quality digital services that will effectively meet your goals and objectives.

We will work alongside you to create a customised and effective SEM strategy. In addition, we aim to create long-term relationships with our clients and partners in order to continue learning and improving with them.

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